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GTA V Online Game Guide: Top Tips

What can be said about Rockstar’s amazing Grand Theft Auto V which hasn’t already been stated?  Simply put, it’s a massive and highly entertaining romp around an insane seemingly alternate reality version of Southern California.  With a seemingly endless number of things to do and plenty of varied terrain to explore it’s easy to get lost in the afterglow of this great game.  Assuming that you want to completely dominate GTA V, however (aka – really kick its ass), you’re going to need a plan of attack, right?  In short, we present you with a brief game guide for Grand Theft Auto V which will help you get started, build up your assets and finally, take on all foes in style…


When any military moves into a region with intent to incite violence and dominate they don’t roll into town on tricycles and mopeds, do they?  Needless to say, the same reasoning definitely applies to the war zone that is (frequently) GTA V Online.  What you want is access to (at the very least) a helicopter or (preferably) a fighter jet.  There are a number of places where you can find a chopper, including Trevor’s airstrip (duh), Vespucci Beach, the roof of the Los Santos Medical Centre and of course, the airport.  Of course getting into the airport isn’t as easy as one might like.  No matter, simply move up the flight school’s stairs and craftily jump over the wall and you should be free to peruse available transports at your leisure.

The more adventurous and crazy gamers will of course want to head on over to the “secret” military facility to hijack a tank or better yet, jet.  Don’t even try to go in on foot as waves of delta force-like soldiers will descend upon you very quickly.  Instead, chopper in, remembering to stay low and then dart out and run into a hangar, grabbing a plane.  If all goes well, you should be ready to dominate the board and rain hell fire down upon your enemies.

Car insurance?! ..What the?!

Assuming that you’re content to roll around in a conventional vehicle, the last thing you want to do is lose that expensive ride (and let’s be honest here, in a game called “Grand Theft Auto” it’s sure to happen, right?)  Well, in GTA V you can actually purchase insurance which will allow you to effectively replace a destroyed or stolen vehicle (by phoning them up).  Yes, you’ll have to install a tracker and pay some fees, but it’s a small price to pay when you’re riding high.

Going in alone

Let’s face it; the world of GTA V can be absolutely brutal as it’s filled with many other miscreants such as yourself, each one with criminal aims.  In order to build up your abilities and gain a greater grasp on key areas and items it’s highly recommended that you start your very own solo session.  Naturally, this won’t net you the massive profits you seek, but it will allow you to freely roam around and prepare for the mayhem you’ll encounter when connected with other players.

Use the action command for a quick health boost

Unbeknownst to most, there’s a handy little trick you can use which turns your interactive menu into a quick health boost (for when you’re engaged in a firefight, for example).  Simply set it to “eat snack” and all you have to do is push your analog sticks inward to regain health in a pinch.

As always, good luck and watch out for zombies, aliens and Bigfoot.

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