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007 GoldenEye (N64) “Retro” Game Guide – Unlocking the Invincible Cheat

When it comes to legendary first-person shooters, none are perhaps more highly-praised by retro and old-school gamers than Rare’s 007 extravaganza, “GoldenEye”.  At the time of its release, this title was nothing short of a revelation and certainly helped Nintendo to move more than a few N64’s too.  Taking a look back upon it, we present to you a nifty little game guide to help you unlock what many consider to be the hardest timed level in the game…

Fist off, in case you don’t already know, in order to actually unlock the cheats you need to be able to complete certain missions on specific difficulties within certain time limits.  While this might sound easy enough, you simply can’t run from the starting point to the extraction – you must also complete the objectives.  Here is a brief guide to help you breeze through this particularly daunting challenge.

The Facility – Cheat to unlock: Invincibility – Time to beat:  2:05

Needless to say, upon first attempting this one many will say outright that “it’s bloody impossible!”, and while it might seem that way at first, it’s actually not that hard once you know what to do.

Start off by getting out of the vented area as quickly as possible, quickly opening the two doors leading downstairs toward the room directly facing the room with the guard holding the key.  While going downstairs sideways, hurl a remote mine toward the wall above the door (and detonate it by pressing the A and B buttons at the same time).  At the same time, open and enter the door below the stairs and kill the guard there with a shot to the face, grabbing his key.

Turning around, take a right down the hallway and make an immediate left to enter the security area, which is filled with guards.  Instead of trying to dispatch them, dodge and run around everyone while pulling up a machine gun to kill the three guards down the long hallway (while still moving).  There is a door on your left to enter, to more easily beat the level in time Dr. Doak should be located here.  After he introduces himself, make your way back out and head off to the bottling area (with the tanks).

Pausing the game to get the door decoder equipped, open the door and meet with Trevalyan, but don’t stand around to chat, stick the remaining mines in locations which will blow up multiple tanks.  Moving toward the back of this room on the lower floor, shoot any guards entering and then detonate the tanks once Alec is out of the way (again, with A and B at the same time).  If you did everything right, the cheat should now be available.

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