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Titanfall Game Guide: Become A Pro

Titanfall is a great game for Microsoft consoles which fuses the action and excitement of multiplayer gameplay with the concept of a single player story.  In attempting to conquer this title and enhance the whole experience however, one must adopt some advantageous strategies utilizing the environment and more.  Here’s a brief guide to help turn you into a force to be reckoned with in Titanfall…

Try to think like Spiderman, or maybe a Ninja…

For starters, aside from simply playing the crap out of the game (to learn where everything is in each separate map) you really need to adopt a more geographic / geometric approach to combat to really succeed in Titanfall.  It’s not enough to simply jump into a Titan and try to physically overpower enemies with weapons fire like a mech-clad Rambo of sorts – do this and you’ll likely be quickly dispatched by any well-organized team.  To really give ‘em hell you’ll need to learn to let the environment do the work FOR you.

In order to accomplish this you really need to pay close attention to your ability to navigate the map as a pilot.  Before entering into any encounter you need to have already plotted a way out.  For example, quickly scaling a building on an opposite side, turned away from the action, should do the trick.  At the same time, you should try to behave like a sniper; long distance attacks are always preferable to directly confrontation.  Moreover, if you’re more of a stealthy gamer, always look for a quick and easy way to swoop down, open the hatch on a titan and shoot the pilot inside.  Of course, you’ll also need an escape route as well.

Thwart attacks on your Titan with the Vortex Shield

As you are no doubt already aware after playing around with Titanfall, it’s not incredibly difficult to dispatch a mech.  While this might be seen as a rather positive thing for those who prefer to remain free-running in pilot form, it’s quite distressing if you would rather suit up in a Titan.  In order to mitigate such losses, you can opt to take a Titan with a vortex shield in its loadout.  This will allow you to essentially capture bullets in a gravity well of sorts, hold everything there and then release it in a haze of fury upon the enemy.  Needless to say, it’s incredibly useful as you basically have a defensive capability with a weapon tacked on.  Combine this with regular attacks and you are talking about some serious firepower.

The “Smart Pistol”

Even if you’re a veteran badass who’s no stranger to pulling off headshots from the other side of the map, it always helps to have some kind of weapon that will increase your overall accuracy and effectiveness on the battlefield.  In Titanfall, this great equalizer (of sorts) is the smart pistol.  Since it can auto-lock onto targets, you can think of it as a very useful tool which can deliver results.  Combined with some careful maneuvering and a stealthy approach, it can become an instrument of punishment.

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